3rd Comic Published

December 8, 2007

The third comic has been published onto the Koonix website! The next couple months will be busy with school, so I’ll be taking a little break from all my drawing until things settle down. But once my break is over, I’ll be ready to hit the sketch books again developing the next few comics. Stay tuned!


2nd Comic Published

December 7, 2007

I spent a good amount of time today designing the second koonix comic and ended up putting on the final touches around 9:15 pm. A couple people have been asking me why the second comic looks so “emo.” Well, the Koonix comics are all about portraying different emotions, expressions, and feelings, so I’m trying to design the comics in a way so people can relate to them on a personal level. This also allows people to be flexible in their interpretation about the comic as well.

So go check out the second comic at the Koonix website, and stay tuned for the next one! 🙂

It’s almost 12:10 AM right now and I’m still wide awake putting the finishing touches on the Koonix website. While the site looks very basic for now, I think it serves it’s purpose quite well, which is the most important thing. On top of that, it’s very clean-looking and easy to navigate, so thats cool. Now that I have a basic site complete, I can finally start working on comics and uploading them on a regular basis. School and schoolwork aside, I tend to have a significant amount of free time, so it should work out well.

I will be keeping this weblog up-to-date with koonix comics that will be released soon, and other general information regarding the koonix project. This weblog will also be a personal “journal” in a sense, through which I will post occurrences in my regular life that I wish to share.